Think kebabs, think Chowrasta

Kebabs – the Prince of Appetizers!

This popular dish has gone on to rule the alleys of India and evolved into styles galore over time. All that despite not even being the birthplace!

Paneer tikka kebab by Chowrasta Thornhill & Ajax

At Chowrasta, we saw incorporating kebabs into our menu as a no-brainer.

When you’re chasing authentic desi excellence, there are few better delights to perfect than the succulent skewered jewels!

With our Deccan dazzle, we bring to the residents of Ajax and Thornhill a full range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters.

If it’s the modern vegan variants you seek, we got the gobi (cauliflower) and paneer (cottage cheese) tandoor alongside the lush greens to cover you.

Decide to pick the non-vegetarian choices, and you’ll set your heart racing with sumptuous chicken tandoori versions of the sheekh (skewered), haryali (veggie enriched), achari (pickled) and the cult tangdi (chick leg) all in tow.
From our side at Chowrasta, it’s truly heart-warming to see the warmth with which Ontario has integrated the most visible minority in South Asians.

And our kitchen thought to waste little time in enamouring Ajax and Thornhill with our authentic kebab offerings. Not to mention making it a chain link between the streets of Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and right into the heart of Ajax and Thornhill townsfolk.

Chicken tangri kabab by Chowrasta Thornhill & Ajax

We have an assortment of yoghurt and peanut sauces, and savoury chutneys like coriander, fruit and spicy pepper waiting to be sampled.

Mutton seekh kebaba by Chowrasta Thornhill & Ajax

Our marination techniques, combined with the tender halal meat, is a concoction of spices ranging from cinnamon, wild marjoram, tomato and chillies from the hinterland, which will melt these meat dollops in your mouth in the first instant.

Down a few blocks our to be delivered to your doorstep, fine dine with the Prince of Appetizers at Chowrasta! Your one-stop haunt for rustic and sterling Indian cuisine!

Head over to 180 Steeles Ave W Unit 20A, Thornhill, ON L4J 2L1 or 250 Bayly St W Unit 6, Ajax, ON L1S 3V4 and dig in!